Color Crockery is the In thing now in premium food service outlets!

Smart Dining/ Fine Dining Restaurants, High End Pubs & Lounge Bars in Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon & Bangalore are now going crazy for Color Crockery… Be it in Stoneware or bone-china or porcelain..  Every outlet wants to use color crockery ! Restaurant Consultants, Chef Consultants are looking for only color these days. Finally white is becoming dull & boring!!

Recently I have personally visited many trending & happening places in Mumbai & Pune in last few months.  And I noticed that the demand for good quality color porcelain in growing rapidly.  On the other hand, the supplies from existing vendors, even the Local porcelain factory is getting problematic. Hence Stallion is shortly importing New range of colored porcelain with special effects to service this demand. We are in fact introducing very exciting & vibrant lines of colourful family & different forms in highly durable porcelain, made in Europe… A perfect Choice for those who want to differentiate & enrich their food presentation.

With Stallion, you are sure of continuity & consistency of Supplies ! Moreover, we are stock & sell company & that has been a major differentiator between Stallion & other crockery suppliers !

Think Color Porcelain ! Think Stallion…..