Porcelain is high temp feldspathic body, fired at more than 1300 degrees. Made from 50% Kaolin / china clay, 25% feldspar & 25% quartz. It is 100% vitrified & non-porous body. It is the best form of crockery for hotel & catering usage.
Upto 40% of animal bone-ash.  Firing temp of Indian bonechina  is 1150-1200 degrees, hence not fully vitrified. Body is semi-porous, so absorbs moisture quickly. Because bonechina is not so durable, it chips / breaks easily.  Furthermore, it also develops cutlery scratch marks easily because of the soft glaze).
Stallion porcelain is extremely durable. Many of our Happy customers have tried & tested it successfully ! Equally important, they first hand experienced extra long life . Even in the rough & tough usage conditions. Usually Stallion porcelain indeed gives you at least double the life compared to any competing brand. That’s proven fact!
High temp vitrified body makes Stallion porcelain very strong & ideal for hotel use. The hard glaze gives it strong scratch resistant properties. The chip-resistant rolled edges on plates / flatwares minimize the  risk of chipping / breakage. Thus helps you hugely benefiting the hotel buyers.
Stallion porcelain is the lightest porcelain available in India. Usually European & Chinese Porcelain is very heavy.  Feel the Stallion porcelain , made for weight sensitive buyers!
Yes, Stallion Porcelain is 100% microwave oven safe. Helps you comfortably bake anything . Perfect for microwave use because it is 100% vitrified porcelain !
Stallion Porcelain is translucent, lighter, far more durable as compared to any Chinese Porcelain. Quality wise we are much better than Chinese products. Our pricing is reasonable,  ready availability and service is great ! Compared with any European brand, Stallion gives you same quality, if not better. Besides we save you lot of money, delivers & support you all the time.
We used to do this about 10 years back in our inhouse decoration plant. These days hotels & restaurants prefer to use without logo & designs. So we normally do not do this. However we can discuss very large requirements subject to order value and timelines.
Think about the cost ! Now there is anti-dumping (60-65% ) customs duty in India , in addition to regular import duty!!  China imports are economically not viable.  Also think about the future replacements, small import headaches. Then you will realize it is really not a right decision to buy crockery from China.
Any quantity you need. Even a dozen pcs is OK. That is the advantage of dealing with Stallion!
Yes, Stallion Porcelain is 100% dishwasher safe. Since it is highly chip-resistant, feel free to use for manual wash. Rough & tough usage is OK.
Vitrification is a process whereby, when ware is fired at very high temperature, one of the constituents of clay, Silica converts into glassy substance which bonds all other constituents together. Vitrification can occur at only above 1300 degrees temp.
Vitrified (Non-porous) high temp body is more strong, more durable. Moreover it is 100% hygienically safe thus making Stallion Porcelain superior to other products.
Stallion Porcelain body is fired at 1350-1400 degrees. Vitrification happens at this high temperature & hence you get extra strong body.
Stallion porcelain is guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction. Some of our restaurant customers have used our products for almost 6 years ! Stallion  porcelain is for Professionals & ideal for rough & tough usage of hotel industry.
We do not offer any Chip-resistant or Free Replacements warranty (Which certain foreign brand is offering). Our experience tells us it is a marketing gimmick. Kind of sales trap used by these sellers & works against you. We advise you to beware of these fake “free replacements” promises.
Stallion Porcelain is the most durable porcelain in the country. Great value for money ! Unmatched Quality. We are able to deliver ex-stock. Repeat supplies of small quantities are possible only from Stallion. Only Stallion helps you with continuity of supplies.
Yes, for plain white, ex-stock!  We are the only company in India who can deliver Porcelain Tableware ex-stock. And we are very serious about our delivery commitments.
Click here to know more about how to take good care of your Chinaware. Most importantly, use Stallion porcelain to solve your chipping problems. Call us today if you want us to help you to solve your breakages issues.
Goods are fully insured. Yes, you can claim damages worth more than Rs. 3,000/-  and we will give  replacements in 15-20 days.
Yes, we make porcelain which is 100% lead free. Our products meet all required quality standards of Europe / USA / UK.
Just see the finish of fork & knife. The long prongs of fork, the serration of knife., the fine balance point. It is not just cutlery, it’s art of fine dining.  Every pc is made from special 18/10 grade SS304. Knife is made from 18/0
This is Chrome to Nickel ratio of steel. (18% chrome with 10% Nickel produces brilliant shine & lustre, corrosion resistant durable flatwares). Considered as best for cutlery making.
We work on 50% advance with confirmed order & balance against proforma before dispatch. Our company policy does not allow us to work on open credit.
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