Looking for LAVA importer in India ? LAVA wholesaler ?

Stallion Hotel Supplies, Pune is official importer in India of LAVAMETAL products from Turkey.

Stallion imports & stocks all major items, currently LAVA cast iron cook wares & casseroles in different sizes, shapes & colours ! BUY LAVA FROM STALLION…Lava importer in India.

LAVAMETAL products are high quality enamelled cook wares,  known as cast iron table wares. Indeed highly Popular for hotel and restaurant use. The product range is very vast. For example cooking & serving wares such as Mini casseroles, Round & Oval casseroles besides Multi-purpose casseroles.  Additionally Tajin casseroles, sauce pans, Grill pans, Grill plates, Frying pans and Fish plates, Pizza/ Pancake plates as well.  What’s more Turkish wok, Hot plates, Bread-Terrine Pots, Fajita casseroles, service dishes & bowls too.

LAVA wholesaler, hotel suppliers are welcome to contact us for their bulk requirement.

Stallion is always carrying stocks of fast moving LAVA products. Call us today, if you are looking for immediate supplies at best prices. Buy from LAVA importer in India.

Lava importer in India
Cast Iron Casserole