This is very very common question in minds of hotel buyers.. I must have been asked to explain the difference between bonechina & porcelain by thousands so far in my career of 28 years.. Let me limit our discussion in this blog to comparison between Indian bonechina ( hotelware bonechina made in India) & imported Porcelain ( all these years porcelain was not made in India, but now we have one factory recently come up in india )..

First Let me explain you the technical difference first….

First major difference- Bonechina has bone ash content to the extent of 30-40% in the ceramic body, whereas Porcelain body has NO bone ash !
Second major difference- Firing Temperature. Bonechina is fired at maximum of 1250 degrees Celsius whereas Porcelain is made at higher temperature of about 1380-1450 degrees C !
Third major difference- Bonechina is semi-vitrified body whereas porcelain is Fully vitrified..
Fourth Major difference- Porcelain is feldspatic body whereas bonechina is bone ash body
Fifth Major difference- Bonechina is usually lighter than porcelain..
Sixth Major difference- Bonechina has soft glaze whereas porcelain usually has hard glaze.

Now let us understand in simple layman’s language how this affects you as a buyer.. I mean the advantage or disadvantage of abovementioned features to you as a customer. It is the common experience of hotel customers/users that Indian bonechina chips or breaks faster as compared to porcelain. The very fact that porcelain is fully vitrified, high temperature & feldspatic body gives you numerous advantages ! Porcelain is stronger, more chip resistant, more durable, more scratch resistant, 100% hygiene safe (as it is fully vitrified) & ideal for rough & tough usage of hotel/ restaurant & catering industry…. Porcelain is not break –proof ! Eventually it will also chip or break.. It is just that it lasts longer as compared to Indian bonechina & that’s why most of the hotel buyers prefer to buy porcelain as they themselves have experienced & seen the performance of both material . Porcelain is 100% oven safe whereas bonechina may crack in oven or salamander.. Indian bonechina is good, may have price advantage, but imported porcelain specially from Sri Lanka, Bangla-Desh & other south East Asian countries is certainly superior in quality, finish, appearance & performance !!

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