Stallion is official & exclusive importer, stockist & distributor in India of Season’s Collection of PORLAND ( made in turkey ) colored crockery… A colored porcelain range highly recommended for Fine Dine, premium & luxury hotels & restaurants. Best European colored porcelain at amazingly affordable prices!

The Wabi-Sabi Effect on Seasons Collection Wabi-Sabi, a source of inspiration for our Seasons collection and emerged in Japan in the 16th century, is a philosophy of life that emphasizes the perfection of imperfections. Produced with the inspiration of Wabi-Sabi philosophy and by special processes, Seasons Collection have the colors that came from nature. While Wabi represents simplicity and naturality; Sabi represents the beauty of elapsed time and the reflection of embracing the imperfections that occuring in time. This philosophy arises from the balanced harmony of these two notions. Natural raw materials which are being used in other ceramic glazes are used in the production processes of Seasons products. Reactive glaze, which is special for Seasons Collection, is produced by using different proportions of materials in its recipe. Thanks to usage of reactive glaze each product has a different effect, which makes the product more special. Seasons products are specially produced for you with different effects and tones while the patterns on edges of the products are applied by hand one by one. So, each item in Seasons Collection is original and unique.

Porland is the first Turkish porcelain manufacturer to produce colored porcelain of Turkey, to produce the first and only custom recipe Alumilite porcelain. Stallion has introduced Porland brand in India & is making it popular among all categories of hotels, restaurants from across India.

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