BR-350220M02321990 Diamond Water Ocean Blue Tumbler 30.5cl (C6) Rs 176/-

BR-302259M02321990 Diamond Whisky Blue Tumbler 39cl(C6) Rs 183/-

BR-350260M02321990 Diamond Beer Blue Tumbler 47cl (C6) Rs 183/-

BR-350210M02321990 Diamond Water Green Tumbler 30.5cl (C6) Rs 176/-

BR-350250M02321990 Diamond Beer Green 47cl Tumbler Rs 183/-

BR-302257M02321990 Diamond Whisky Green 39 Cl Tumbler (C6) Rs 183/-

BR-350230M02321990 Diamond Water Purple Tumbler 30.5cl (C6) Rs 176/-

BR-350270M02321990 Diamond Beer Purple Tumbler 47cl (C6) Rs 183/-



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