Victorean Rim Plates

Victorian Rim Plates from Stallion … Most popular & fast Selling SuperWhite Porcelain… Premium quality, lightweight, chip-resistant rolled edge, scratch-resistant hard glaze… The translucent body proves that very pure & high-quality ingredients/ raw material is used to produce@1400 degrees, of this very popular porcelain plate… Comes in 5 sizes…

Ideal for your coffee shop, Room Service/Banquets, and Even Fine Dining!

PRCL002-Dinner Plate 10.5″ (27cm) Rim (With Rolled Edge)

PRCL004-Salad Plate 8.5″ (21.5 cm) Rim (With Rolled Edge)

PRCL314-7” Rim Plate (With Rolled Edge)

PRCL007-6.4″ Rim Plate (17 cm  B & B Plate)

PRCL008-Plate Large 12″( 30cm) Rim




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