Stallion Porcelain is double fired, 100% vitrified, more durable & more strong ! Our plates are lightest , more light as compared to any other porcelain available in India ( Which makes this easy to handle, easy to carry by waiters as well as customers !)..The weight of our PRCL 002 (fast moving 27 cm plate) is average 650 gms whereas our competitors plates weigh at least 800 gms ! A very good transluscency ( amount of light passing through the plate body, when plate is held pretty close to source of light ) proves that very high quality ingredients are used to manufacture Stallion Porcelain… Our Glaze is highly chip-resistent which delays the scratch marks of cutlery & ensures longer life of wares, resulting in direct monetary benefits to our users & customers…The chip resistent rolled edge gives extra protection against chipping & breakages ….