I must urge to all Hotel professionals including Kitchen Stewarding Managers, Chefs, F&B, Purchasing, GMs, Small Hotel & Restaurant Owners to take care of their Tablewares…… Please visit & check your Washing areas regularly. It hardly takes less than 5 minutes for surprise checks , may be once in a fortnight to understand how your Mori guys are working & what they are using…For Gods Sake, please throw out all scotchbrite, steelwool etc from your dishwash areas of tablewares & DO NOT use scotchbrite/steelwool for your crockery, cutlery, glasswares, melamine etc.. Just use warm soapy water with sponge to clean up your Tablewares, if you do not want any issues like scratchmarks etc & wish to maximise the life of your costly equipments.. It is quite common in hotel industry that top management is unaware of how badly the equipments are handled by their untrained & unsupervised Mori staff which often results in faster wear & tear…. Ultimately increasing losses to the company.. Little bit of training & regular supervision will go a long way in maximising the life & performance of your Tablewares !