Now you know what is porcelain.. Great ! Some 25 years back Indian buyers knew very little about porcelain. That’s the time Stallion was already importing hotel ware porcelain crockery from South East Asia (mainly Srilanka, Bangla Desh, Indonesia, China )..And I personally had challenging time, explaining to prospective buyers what porcelain is & why it is good for commercial use to control & minimise  chipping & breakages which is so common with Indian bone china products. After so many years, hotel & restaurant buyers now understand that porcelain is better than bone china for commercial usage, but still aren’t fully aware about the finer details. Let me explain you.. As in any product category you see in the market, there is high grade porcelain usually called premium porcelain (double fired at 1360-1400 degree C with best of the raw materials), which clearly shows & can be easily identified with better & smooth glaze, rich appearance, higher translucency and of course lighter weight as compared to average quality porcelain. Benefit to buyer is long lasting durable porcelain (which eventually proves highly cost-effective) besides enjoying ownership & pride of higher quality products.  Stallion porcelain belongs to premium porcelain category & indeed is the best porcelain crockery available in India at very reasonable prices. Then there is average quality porcelain in which quality of raw material is compromised & also firing temperature may be lower than required 1360-1380 degrees which is must for vitrification process (100% vitrification is extremely important for product to quality as good quality porcelain). Quite a few hotel ware brands available in India including one very popular brand comes in this category. These are available to you at much lower price (even at bone china prices), but obviously the strength & durability is not there which results in faster & higher chipping & breakages.. An experienced  & intelligent buyer can easily identify such products which comes at tempting prices but prove very expensive in terms of frequent bulk purchases.. Then lastly there is low quality porcelain (usually made in China)..Many people including experts do not know this. The China factories fire the product only once (as against two time firing in all other countries) to minimise the production cost. This technique is mastered by Chinese factories & they produce beautiful looking porcelain with amazing effects etc! However the weight is much higher & durability is big question mark! According to my experience, most of the China factories produce porcelain for short life.. Few factories are really good & they offer durable products. But this comes at additional cost & may be beyond reach of most Indian buyers. So what we get & see in India is usually cheaper quality Chinese porcelain.


A hotel buyer must evaluate the crockery on relevant & important parameters like life/ durability, quality/ appearance, availability, weight & then the price. Rather than only price criteria which unfortunately is becoming the sole criteria for making purchases. Quality always helps the buyer to save money & investing in right quality is extremely important to hotel & restaurants buyers especially if you are the owner !